Geesha Alaran (born Williams) was born and raised on the Caribbean island, St.Maarten. St.Maarten is the only island divided in a Dutch and French side. English is the language mainly used on the island and is the mother tongue of most people.

Her passion for education developed at school where she admired those who taught her and also because of the love she had for languages, especially her mother tongue, English.

After completing secondary school she continued her studies at the prestigious University of The West Indies in Jamaica where she graduated with a Bachelor in Education. Her Master is Educational Training Systems & Design was obtained at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Ms. Williams asserts that she helps persons who need good to excellent English language proficiency and communication skills for their work, education, or other purposes, and have not yet reached the desired level. Helping them with the English language is her passion, She knows how important the knowledge of this language is in this international society and would like to help people fulfill their full potential as a strong communicaton using English as the tool of choice.

ASL proudly welcomes Geesha back home as she joins the Summer Intensive teaching artists for another exciting year.