As a dancer, Jeffrey’s journey started over 9 years ago in Boston, where he first discovered Kizomba. After dancing socially for many years, in 2012, Jeffrey began teaching Kizomba in New York City. In order to further educate himself on the authenticity, culture, and history of the dance, he hosted Mestre Petchu, one of the greatest authorities in the field of Angolan music and dance, on his first trip to North America. During this time, Jeffrey began dancing Semba, the dance from which Kizomba got its roots. Since then, Jeffrey has taught Kizomba and Semba classes and workshops, independently, as well as in conjunction with festivals, throughout North America and Europe. Jeffrey has taught classes and workshops in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Miami, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Toronto, Montreal, Israel, and Haiti. Festivals at which he has instructed include the D.C. Bachata Congress, the San Francisco Kizomba Festival, the U.S.A. Bachata Kizomba Festival, the Swimming Festival in France, and the Kizomba Open Festival in Madrid. Due to his extensive experience with the dance, Jeffrey has been on the panel of judges at the Kizomba Open Championship in the U.S. In addition, he is the organizer of the North America edition of AfricAdancar. Jeffrey is also one of the U.S. country representatives of Kizomba Nation.

With his motto, “Trust me, you CAN dance Semba”, Jeffrey has been one of the first pioneers to introduce Semba to North America. His focus has been to promote the authentic flavor of Kizomba and Semba, to educate his students on the relationship between the two, and spread the dance. Always seeking ways to bring art to the community ASL commissioned this class especially for the parents of ASL students and other adults not attending the day program and anticipates that this class will be well attended.

We look forward to saying “bem-vindo a ASL 2015” to Jeffrey!