Queen GodIs – an international Poet, Artist, & Per-formance Art Therapist who serves a host of com-munities seeking transformation through art. With a holistic approach to content & development, her inter-disciplinary work engages audiences in dia-logue and activism that extend beyond the page and stage. A provocative blend of Hip Hop, Story-Telling, & Soul, her work has been featured across the United States, South Africa, throughout Europe, India and the Caribbean. Her creative process has been documented by MTV Radio, NPR, BBC, WBAI, MSG Network, Channel 13’s Many Voices and the HBO documentary series Brave New Voices to name a few. She has written and performed three solo off-Broadway shows and independently released her celebrated debut album Power U! In 2013, she is scheduled to release two poetry collections, a new album and an electric stage production with choreographer Makeda Thomas and several mixed-media collaborators.