A Special Thank You

We gladly thank these contributors for their support of the Art Saves Lives Foundation.

Mrs. Charlotte Forster
Mr. Frederick J. Grigsby Jr.
Ms. Carol Pope
Prime Minister Mrs. Sarah Wescot- Williams
Minister Silveria Jacobs
The Bartfield Family
Ms. Merle Solomons
Mrs. Catherine Conner
Mrs. Kim R. Kline
Mr. Jim M. Williams
Mr. William John Prange
Mr. David Bown
Minister Corneluis de Weever
Mrs. Tessy de Weever
Mr. and Mrs. Mercuur
Mrs. Ramona Thomas
Mr. Jeffrey W. Sochrin “Soc”
Mrs. Sharalee Lint- Beudeker
Mr. Marc Morand
Mrs. Nicole Carty
Ms. Erika Cannegieter
Ms. Melanie Choisy
Ms. Linda Cocks


Michael Granger
Billy D
Lady Grace
Fabian Badejo
Josianne Fleming
Lloyd Richardson
Beverly Hyman
Jean- Marc Raboanary
Daphne Stuut
Jacqueline Louis