Art is the daughter of Freedom
    -- Frederich Schiller

Welcome to the Art Saves Lives Foundation

Art Saves Lives Foundation is a cross-cultural exchange between youth in need and experienced practicing artists who seek to use their talents for positive change. Each summer the foundation coordinates a Summer Intensive which caters to over 100 children. This collaborative project selects renowned artists from around the world who use the arts to introduce participants to global and local traditions and empower them with the life skills necessary to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life. The Summer Intensive also provides guidance for young artists with aspirations in pursuing a career in the arts.

We are in our third year of presenting Art Saves Lives Summer Intensive and we are excited about the classes we have scheduled.

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Welcome to ASL 2015!

2015 Art Saves Lives Summer Intensive

JUNE 29 - JULY 5, 2015

ASLP will hold a series of classes and workshops conducted by twenty eight professional artists. The classes are geared toward young adults ages 13 and up culminating with a performance on Saturday night.

2015 Class Schedule
2015 Workshop Artists