Art Saves Lives Foundation’s Summer Intensive is a cross-cultural exchange between youth in need and experienced practicing artists who seek to use their talents for positive change. This collaborative project will select renowned artists from around the world who use the arts to introduce participants to global and local traditions and empower them with the life skills necessary to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life. The project will also provide guidance for young artists with aspirations in pursuing a career in the arts.

Art heals,
art transforms,
art is a unifying force.

Students participating in our programming will be offered a nurturing learning environment and be exposed to the following:

  • COMMUNICATION – Especially self-expression, articulation, and collaboration.
  • CRITICAL THINKING – Focus on problem solving and reasoning.
  • ACADEMICS – Especially in areas of math, science, and language arts.
  • CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT – Which informs the performance of any task requiring originality, innovation, imagination and improvisation.


Using art as a bridge to education ASLP seeks to facilitate personal empowerment through creativity by engaging, developing, and reinforcing the students’ own imagination. ASLP focuses on:


The vision of ASLP is to provide aspiring young artists with the training, education and guidance needed for the successful pursuit of careers in creative arts, entertainment and education.